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TripAdvisor   Resort and hotel reviews worldwide. Follow the link then enter the hotel name in the upper right hand corner.
Worldwide Tipping Guide - Did you know that it's against the law to tip someone in Vietnam? This tipping guide has info for restaurants, hotels and taxis. 
Seat Guru  Enter your flight number and see where you're sitting and the amenities the plane has to offer. 
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program- This free program allows US citizens to enroll their trips with the nearest US embassy. You can receive important information from the embassy about travel conditions in your destination, and help them locate you in the case of an emergency.
CIBT Visa Service -  Did you know that most countries require that your passport not expire for 3 to 6 months after your dates of travel? At this link you can enter the name of the country you are visiting to find out if a visa is required and how long your passport must be valid for beyond your dates of travel.
TSA Pre✓™ Expedited Screening and CBP Global Entry Card - U.S. citizens may qualify for the TSA Pre✓ program which allows you to skip the TSA security lines at participating airports. Customs and Border Patrol has a Global Entry Card which allows you to re-enter the US without standing in line at Customs and Immigration. Follow the above links to see if you qualify and the application process for each.
Travel Warnings  This link is to the US State Department. PLEASE NOTE. When reading about Mexico, you must read state by state. The majority of Mexican states HAVE NO TRAVEL WARNINGS ISSUED and are safe to travel to, including the state of Quintana Roo, home of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.
Weatherbase    Need to know what the temperature will be in Ireland in March? This has average temps and rainfall for over 26,000 cities worldwide! Don't plan without it!
World Clock     What time is it in........?
World Electricity Guide   Find out if  you need to take an adapter (because the outlet is a different shape) or a converter (because the voltage is higher or lower than your device was built to use). Don't do what I did and start a fire on your wooden boat going down the Yangtzee by using your U.S. hair dryer!
International Driving Permits   Planning to drive in the country you're visiting? If you have an accident or get pulled over many countries will not accept your US driver's license, but over 150 countries will accept an International Driving Permit.  These are issued at AAA locations, cost $15, include your photo and have your driving information translated into 10 languages. Many foreign auto rental agencies will rent you a car without one, but that does not make it legal for you to drive in that country!
Country Specific Information   The State Department has a Road Safety section in every Country Specific information page.  Can you make a right turn on red? What's the penalty for talking on your cell phone? Find out here. 
Immunizations Needed  Check here for a list of country specific required or suggested immunizations and health advisories, from the Center for Disease Control. 

Doctor's Express   is located in Edgewater, MD. They have created an online questionnaire that will expedite your vaccination process. Submit the form at this link and they will have your vaccines ready.
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