Best Connection Travel ~ since 1988

bro-ker  noun  \brõ·ker\

     •An individual or firm which acts as an intermediary between a buyer and seller, usually charging a commission.

     •Somebody who is paid to act as an agent for others, e.g. in negotiating contracts or buying and selling goods and services.

The travel planners at Best Connection Travel act solely as brokers between buyers and sellers of travel. Our clients explain their travel needs to us and we perform research to find the most suitable supplier for that travel. We are compensated by suppliers on a commission basis for reservations made on their behalf. 

As agent for the buyer, our sole financial liability for a transaction is limited to the amount of commission we were paid by the supplier for making a reservation on their behalf, and any fees we may have requested from the client.

Unlike most travel agencies, Best Connection Travel is not limited to a "preferred supplier" list and so we will recommend the supplier we feel best matches our clients needs, even if that supplier doesn't pay travel agency commissions. In that instance we will request a booking fee from the client to compensate us for our time and effort. 
We will notify you of the name of the supplier that will be providing or arranging for your travel and will provide you with their brochure or web address upon request. 

Each supplier has different rules regarding fees charged for reservation changes or cancellations which can usually be found in their brochure or on their website. In addition to any fees charged by the travel supplier, Best Connection Travel charges a fee for changes to or the cancellation of a reservation.
Best Connection Travel is not liable for breach of contract or any other intentional or careless actions or omissions on the part of the supplier which result in delays, missed connections, losses, damages, or additional expenses owing to change in advertised schedules, change in any service or accommodations, or any other causes beyond our control.

In the event the services and accommodations purchased cannot be supplied because of delays or other causes Best Connection Travel will use its best efforts, provided we have received notice of the delay or disruption, to arrange for comparable services and accommodations.