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Ireland - Off the Beaten Path
with the Eastport Democratic Club
June 3 to 13, 2022

$2,775 Per Person, Double Occupancy
Airfare $1,100 Per Person
Trad on the Prom, Galway
Beehive Huts, Dingle
Durty Nelly's
Pier Jumping, Galway
Epic scenery of soaring cliffs, white sand beaches and west coast sunsets are the true highlights of this "off-the-beaten path" trek through western Ireland. From Dingle to Derry, you'll see the natural sights that have pulled at man's heartstrings for thousands of years. We'll also visit the sites of several ancient settlements to learn more about the ancient settlers of Ireland and their connection to the land and sea. Along the way we'll take time to enjoy some traditional Irish song and dance, inspired by life on the land.
Air Schedule
3 June Jet Blue 2554 DCA/BOS 2:30pm to 4:04pm
3 June Aer Lingus 134 BOS/SNN 4:55pm to 4 June 6:00am
13 June Aer Lingus 135 SNN/BOS 1:30pm to 3:25pm
13 June Jet Blue 2255 BOS/DCA 6:00pm to 7:43pm
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