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Destination Weddings

You have just taken the first step towards your dream wedding~honeymoon! A destination wedding is the perfect choice for the couple that wants to make their day an extraordinary experience for both them and their guests. The planners at Best Connection Travel would be pleased to help you choose the perfect destination and venue for your dream wedding based on your vision of your special day.

We have provided destination wedding planning services for weddings with up to 150 guests throughout the Caribbean, Europe, the Mediterranean and Hawaii. The factors we consider when making our recommendations include:

  • time - how much time do you have between now and your desired wedding date
  • legalities - what are the legal requirements of the countries you are consdering
  • budget - how much do you expect your guests to spend to attend your wedding, and
  • budget - how much do you have planned for your travel, the ceremony and reception
  • guests - will there be children on the guest list
  • ceremony - are you planning on a religious or civil ceremony
  • documents - how soon will you need your legal documents upon your return

In short, we help ensure that nothing is overlooked when making your destination choice. We will:

  1. Work with you to find the perfect destination and venue for you and your guests.
  2. Inform you of the legal wedding requirements of the destination with regards to residency, witnesses, documentation and blood work, and the estimated cost of the same.
  3. Introduce you to the on-site wedding coordinator, who will help you plan the details of your ceremony and reception.
  4. Use our "Best Connections" to negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best pricing, payment terms and amenities for you and your wedding guests.
  5. Make all the travel arrangements for you and your guests, suggesting group contracts where practicable.
  6. Inform potential guests of the legal requirements to travel to your destination, and ensure your guests are offered travel insurance that would mitigate an emergency should one arise.
  7. Make sure individual reservations reflect your guests' needs, such as bedding choices or special dietary or physical needs.
  8. Pre-arrange group activities for you and your guests, such as Spa Days, Golf Outings, Sportfishing, or tours.
  9. Provide each couple with a "Join the Wedding" page on our website with information about your wedding destination, the venue chosen and the cost of attending that you can share with family and friends. Each page will have a downloadable registration form to make joining your celebration easy.
  10. Provide the couple with weekly updates as to who has "joined the wedding".

We may charge a fee for these services, depending on the complexity and the need for a webpage, but the fee should not exceed $100.


Call our office to get the process started, or if you prefer, use the form below and we will contact you no later than the next business day.